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Reasons to scrap your car with us

Cut to the Chase

Every month it seems like a new scrap car business is appearing on the web and just about everybody it seems is offering the same exact things.. so picking who to scrap your car with is probably becoming a bt of a headache with so much choice. So who and how do you choose?

Best Price paid and free colletion service? Obviously the amount you get paid is and should be a big factor and having your car collected free of charge is too, after all where's the joy in getting paid something for saying goodbye to your car when you then have to pay some of it back to have it taken away. We can remember when we were one of the few yards that did collect for free a few years ago but nowadays a lot of scrap car businesses are offering this.

Green recycling ? Most of us are or should be licensed ATF's so not much to chose between there.

Trust? Well we all know trust is something that is earned through honesty and reliability, you shouldn't trust someone just because they say you should.

All we will say is we have been in this business for 37+ years and first ran a car scrap yard in the days when people thought of all scrap yards as beng like Steptoe and Son from the TV series (it once was a little like that lol)but times have changed and scrap yards today are legislated, licensed and professionally run businesses like ours.

After so many years in this business we are good at what we do and we make scrapping your car a simple hasslefree and profitable process for you.

We are also a member of the British Vehicle Salvage Federation. BVSF members are considered to be the leading salvage companies in the market because they comply with strict quality control requirements. Click on the BVSF logo to see our membership details.link to our membership of the british vehicle salvage federation

New Car Bayler at Babington Car Spares               Tavarelli RB6000 being set up in our scrap yard by the team of fitters from Italy

Babington Car Spares have a new car bayler (car crusher) which arrived in our yard on the 28th of August 2014.  Read More

Photos of some of the cars we have in for breaking for used car spare parts

2015 Recent Cars in Our Yard   Click here for previous months cars